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American Cuisine with a Gourmet Twist


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Urban Plum is a melding of cultures, food and cocktails, 
somewhere in between the comfort of a neighborhood restaurant fused with a ‘see and be seen’ lounge. Urban Plum will offer the perfect union of colorful and bold flavors from the surrounding area, great design, impeccable hospitality and an incomparable locale.  A tribute to our past, a celebration of our roots, a modern-day representation and a look to the future.  Urban Plum is for all of us, each and every guest who steps into this refreshing, powerful culinary environment.

Our recipes stay pure – but, we add a modern twist to retro items. Urban Plum can be an Italian-American food lover’s favorite restaurant, or an American food lover’s favorite, or just a food lover’s favorite … and if along the way we expose our guests to enjoying dishes from one of the other cuisines, that’s wonderful. 

Our beverages are grounded in fresh squeezed juices. From these fresh juices, a strong and imaginative signature cocktail menu will reflect the quality of each ingredient.  Beverages will feature fresh squeezed, lemonade, local bottled sodas and teas. Wines have been carefully selected and show off wineries from the surrounding area.  

We are open 7 days a week for breakfast, dinner, cocktails and late night dining – join us often!  


Enjoy Cocktails 7 Days a Week!

Starting 4pm to Midnight